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About Us

At The Embodied Business Institute, we integrate business strategy, cognitive and nervous-system research, and brain-based coaching to help leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs build fulfilling, high-impact businesses and LIVES.

Hi, I’m Chantill Lopez.

I believe that I can have it all, and so can you...

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In my early twenties, left journalism to teach Pilates because, although I enjoyed it, journalism had only satisfied one part of me - my intellect. I knew I needed a career that engaged me as a WHOLE PERSON - my body, intuition, heart and soul, and I was falling in love with teaching movement.

One day my mentor, a teacher who I deeply admire, said to me: “You know you’ll never make money teaching Pilates, right?”


I didn’t have to give a single second's worth of thought to my response: “That’s not going to be me.”


Since then, I’ve been empowering others AND myself to NOT SETTLE for anything less than the lives we most want.


I’ve done it with:

•My Pilates clients who thought they had to live with chronic pain.

•My Pilates teacher mentees who thought they had to tolerate long hours, low pay, and working nights and weekends if they didn’t want to forget it all and get a corporate job.

The leaders and business owners I work with who think they have to sacrifice their physical, mental, and emotional health if they want to have an impact on the world.


Actually creating the business and the life of your own design is not easy - it takes strategy, it takes a willingness fail over and over, it takes a huge amount of support.


And I love helping my current clients learn to harness the science and deep awareness of their unique nervous systems to change their behavior and get what they really want, in business and in life.


In my career-long journey to help others move beyond what they’ve been told is possible in their lives, I have…


•Owned and run two Pilates studios

Founded and Co-hosted two podcasts: The Thinking Pilates Podcast + Embodied Business, Inspired Brain Podcast

•Written and published the movement education book Moving Beyond Technique

•Founded Skillful Teaching, a long-term online mentorship program for Pilates teachers

•And of course, co-founded The Embodied Business Institute


I can’t wait to get to know you!

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Hi, I’m Anne Bishop

I’m a mentor, an entrepreneur, and an advocate for research-based practice - but above all else, I identify as an educator.

Since I was an elementary school student helping other kids in my math class with their homework, and other ballet students with their technique, I have always wanted to give people the skills they need to feel confident and be SEEN and HEARD.


Because there are so many humble, innovative, creative people...teachers, coaches, healthcare professionals, and small business owners who have focused on becoming experts in their crafts…but they haven’t had the chance to bring it to a wider audience.


If that’s you, it is my honor in life to SEE YOU, reflect back the profound value of your work, and then help you develop the skills you need to systematize and scale the life-changing work you do - so that you can maximize your impact, AND so that your work takes better care of YOU.


Because we ALL deserve to be successful.


Over the course of my career, my passion for democratizing success has led me to…

•Start teaching Pilates at 20 years old, and start my first business as a solopreneur at 21

•Build a brick-and-mortar studio business where I mentored my team and trained Pilates teachers for 20 years

Pursue a Masters in Education from Harvard, where I studied brain-based approaches to embodiment and learning for adults

•Found Brain Body Connect, an online business with a mission to connect folks working in the fields of cognitive and neuroscience research with movement teachers and practitioners


And now I’m bringing it to the life- and career-changing mentorship we offer at The Embodied Business Institute.

Anne Bishop Smiling

Our Embodied

The magic of having TWO mentors and coaches constantly collaborating on your behalf…

We each have a lot to offer.


But when we come together, something else happens.


The two of us have been working together for years, and we have a special synergy that you simply can’t get by working with either a single mentor or coach OR with two SEPARATE ones.


Yes, when you are a client in one of our containers, we talk about you!


Because when we do, we find ways to support you that neither of us would have imagined on our own.


This is the power of distributed cognition: wisdom that is not held within one human brain, but that we create together by combining our perspectives, our life experiences, and our knowledge.


And no matter which door you came in, we tap into this synergy through our signature three-part system: The Embodied Business System for Change.

Learn More About Our Signature System:

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