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The only year-long program exclusively dedicated to creating nervous system regulation in high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and coaches


Be a calmer, clearer version of you!

$333 monthly

You are high-performing leader or business driver who is used to kicking ass. 
You strive for excellence in your work, and you want a life full of travel, adventure, and excitement…but the COST of your ambition is mounting.

That cost is your mental, physical, and emotional health.

It’s feeling tired, burned out, cranky, and uninspired.

It’s being unable to rest without guilt unless you’re home alone and nobody knows what you’re doing.

It’s the feeling that the time to actually ENJOY all that you’ve accomplished is always just around the corner.

But you are UNWILLING to let go of your drive for the life and career you long for.



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And you’re not ashamed of it.

You’re a force!

You have used your intellect and drive to push you to greater and greater places in your personal and professional life but you are too insightful and accomplished to think this is as good as it gets.

You’ve worked with mentors before and you have LOTS of tools, but when you try to use them to create more ease and flow and get back in touch with your sense of purpose...



It's time to stop "thinking your way through."

The truth is, you already know better than to believe you can simply WILL yourself into a more expansive place.

What you REALLY need is a nervous system-based approach to moving forward that offers you a deep and compassionate connection to yourself, helps you rest without guilt and elevates your ability for joy and success in every aspect of your life.

And when you DO expand the health and resilience of your nervous system, you will…

  • Wake up each morning trusting yourself, energized and inspired by what’s in store for you, knowing that you can access flow and joy as you engage fully with every aspect of your life.

  • Feel PRESENT and ENJOY time with your loved ones, savor your travel, your vacations, and your down-time, and take time to rest on the daily…IN THE MIDST of building your legacy and your amazing life. No waiting, and no sacrificing ANY of it.​​​​

  • Perform at a consistently high level in a way that feels SUSTAINABLE. No more trade-offs. No disconnection and anxiety. ​

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  • Have a step-by-step process you can use to create new habits or release old ones…whether you want to level up your cash management practices, your workout routine, your communication patterns, or anything else. THIS is the secret key to living the life you most desire!


  • Be able to access creative problem-solving in your work AND personal life with no effort whatsoever.

  • Roll with the daily plot twists - daycare closures, refund requests, flight delays, elder emergencies - with grace, pivoting your plans whenever you need without drama or emotional cost.


And it's EXACTLY we'll help you create for yourself in...

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The only year-long program exclusively dedicated to creating nervous system regulation in high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and coaches


Be a calmer, clearer version of you!

$333 monthly

Through this year-long Polyvagal-informed process you will learn, and put into practice, the exact tools to unleash the intelligence of your nervous system so you can expand your drive and impact without sacrificing your physical, mental and emotional health…


WHILE discovering how to make “joy seeking behavior” a part of your everyday experience, smooth out your anxious edges and take full advantage of all of life’s beautiful gifts.

This is your invitation to join a new life-changing year-long journey to unleash the magic of your nervous system. An elevated community of driven entrepreneurs and leaders just like you. Elevated Entrepreneur.


No more anxious edge or guilt about resting, just flow, finesse, and  vitality. A calmer, clearer you WHILE building, creating,  taking risks, and making the impact you desire!

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"Working with Anne + Chantill has been life-changing for me, both personally and in my relationships. Before diving into this journey, I never fully grasped the profound impact our nervous system has on our interactions and well-being.

One of the most profound realizations has been the recognition of the interplay between my emotions, physical sensations, and nervous system state. I've learned to tune in more deeply to the subtle cues and signals my body sends, a level of awareness I never thought possible.

By shifting my own nervous system state, I've created an environment conducive to mutual understanding and growth. My interactions with others, including my clients, are now infused with a deeper sense of empathy, compassion, and connection, fostering a stronger bond between us."

Angelica Palomo, Pilates Teacher and Program Graduate

During our time together, we'll take you through an experience designed to help you get these kinds of results.
You will...
  • Access our exclusive Elevated Entrepreneur Online Curriculum, including video modules, journal prompts, and short activities, designed to optimize your learning and support you in getting results

  • Join us for two powerful LIVE engagements per month! (See “What You Get” below for more details)

  • Develop a customized personal NS map infused with simple practices (that you can do anytime, anywhere) so you begin getting results right away and every day!

  • Follow a strategic blueprint for amplifying joy and cultivating “joy-seeking behavior” in everything you do so you can access greater FLOW (and return to it easily) 


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  • Become a part of our Elevated Entrepreneur Voxer Community so you can connect with your coaches and your peers, ask your questions, and get real-time feedback - so you can take action right away and not let unanswered questions hold you back.​​

  • Access powerful research- and data-driven assessments and customizable tools to support you in quantifying and tracking your progress so you know exactly what works for your unique NS

  • Create a powerful Business + Leadership NS Map to identify your professional triggers and how to work with them most effectively IN THE MOMENT and long-term

  • Daily Voxer community
To keep you engaged and accountable 
  • A Personalized Nervous System Map
To support your personal implementation
  • A Nervous System Business + Leadership Map
To support you in creating greater flow and success in your professional endeavors
  • A Nervous System Kit

Delivered straight to your doorstep as soon as you enroll, PLUS a 1-year anniversary gift to look forward to

  • Two Calls Per Month

One 45-minute video call - workshop style 
One 45-minute audio call - individualized coaching and nuanced support

  • Online Curriculum and community discussion platform


To foster connection and growth, stretch your thinking, and keep you accountable

  • A daily ritual blueprint for high-performance living
To luxuriate in every day, including journal prompts to amplify your nervous system intelligence and its impact 
  • Live Event

A ticket to a special two day in-person nervous system-soothing event in Napa, CA - spring of 2025 to...

Be in community, network, and elevate each other

Eat nourishing food and delicious libations

Walk and rest in the spring sunshine

  • Nervous System RESET + Kickstart Program

The week you sign up, you will receive a powerful nervous system reset process that will support you regulating, expanding, and accessing more flow before you step foot onto our first call! 

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I'm still driven and focused, but I have been able to soften that anxious edge, that sense of not-enoughness or urgency.


I'm ready to kick ass - but I feel calm more often, too.


I can access a state of "flow" more easily; and I do better work from there.


If you're looking to continue to perform at a consistently high level, but in a more sustainable way, this program can help.

Gina Pelucca, NSIF Level 2 Graduate,

Organizational Development Consultant and

Executive Coach

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VIP Enrollment



PLUS get a BONUS of 3 private NS sessions!

Basic Enrollment


Price goes up to $444 per month ($4,444 PIF) on June 3rd

And the truth is, if you DON’T invest in the health and resilience of your nervous system as a driven, ambitious business leader…

  • In your pursuit of excellence, you will continue to push yourself into burnout - and spend too much time feeling overworked, cranky, and uninspired.

  • Without access to the full spectrum of behavior-change tools that nervous system work makes available, your work and impact in the world will never reach its full potential

  • The impact of anxiety and stress will prevent you from experiencing the full spectrum of pleasure and joy available to you NOW, and you’ll spend your life always waiting until you hit your next milestone or reach the end of your to-do list.


With more than a combined 20+ years in brain-based education + nervous system-based behavior change...

Chantill holds a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing and has studied with and/or is certified by: 

  • Deb Dana, Creator of Rhythm of Regulation and Author of many books on the nervous system including "Anchored"

  • Dr. Stephen Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory

  • Michael Allison, Creator of the PlayZone - A Polyvagal-driven coaching certificate program

  • The Polyvagal Institute

  • Rhythm of Regulation 

  • The Neuroleadership Institute as a Brain Based Coach

Anne holds a Master's Degree from Harvard School of Education in Brain, Mind, Education and has studied with and/or is certified by:


  • Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) as a Universal Design for Learning Educator 

  • The Neuroleadership Institute as a Brain Based Coach

Meet Your Facilitators

We're Anne Bishop and Chantill Lopez, co-founders of The Embodied Business Institute.


We are business and educational design experts, embodied entrepreneurs and Brain-based and Polyvagal-informed coaches together with more than 40  years of experience building transformative and hybrid business ecosystems that make money AND meaning.


Since 2016, we've been supporting experts and leaders in designing profitable online, hybrid, and in-person courses, comprehensive trainings and mentorships, and transformative coaching containers as well as facilitating lasting behavior change through Brain Based Coaching and healing the nervous system.


We help growth-minded entrepreneurs, leaders, and educators -- dedicated to creating change for themselves and their clients -- leverage the latest research on brain-based learning, motivation science, and the nervous system to build more powerful and sustainable businesses based on transformation inside and out... making MONEY and MEANING with ease is possible at every stage of the game.

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“The REALITY was, every cell in my body needed the nervous system work, craved it, rejoiced in it, demanded it. That was the big surprise.


I did not realize how much I needed it. Not as a gift to give to others, but for my own health.


Being in a safe container with Anne and Chantill enabled me to melt into the work.


To feel successful AND unsuccessful and be safe in that duality of being curious and investigating within myself."

Jenny Jennings, Program Graduate, 25-Year Pilates Studio Owner And Entrepreneur

I've worked with coaches before and haven't had the best experience. How is this different?


Most coaching containers focus on your intellect alone and completely leave out the intelligence of your nervous system, which is the root of all behavior change. We will give you the tools and support you in implementing them consistently so you will not only experience more ease and joy RIGHT AWAY but build a foundation for a life full of it!

Can I cancel anytime?


This is a one-year commitment. At the end of your 12-months you will have the option to re-enroll or cancel. 

I’m a parent or caretaker and my time is very fragmented. Will I be able to make this work?

100%! One of the most profound shifts we see our savvy and dedicated clients make is in their ability to TRANSITION from work to kids to parents to making dinner to work and to rest with greater GRACE and FLUIDITY. This work also supports you in becoming more objective, compassionate, patient, and proactive in your life so you don’t feel like you’re juggling a million things even though you are. It also supports you in being able to not only expand love and joy for yourself but to everyone around you. It’s a HUGE win for caretakers of any kind!

Can I benefit no matter what stage of business I’m in?

Yes! The framework and blueprints we’ll provide will elevate every aspect of your business. We take you through a refined and actionable process to assess 7 areas of your business in our Nervous System Business + Leadership Map. This map will be your guide to optimizing your business no matter how big or small.

I have a few more questions...
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