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The Embodied Launch Blueprint

A Comprehensive, Polyvagal-Informed, System to Marketing + Selling Your Courses for Maximum Profitability and Time Freedom

How to market and sell your online course or coaching container for Strategic PROFITS and CONSISTENT REVENUE ...


...even if social media brings up your imposter syndrome and just THINKING about your email list makes you want to run and do ANYTHING else.

So you’ve built a life-changing online course or coaching container to serve your dreamiest soulmate students.

But every time you try to LAUNCH your course, the launch process (or lack thereof) is a total struggle that sucks away your energy and motivation, PLUS you never seem to hit your enrollment or financial goals.


You know how you’re “supposed” to show up on social media and your email list to sell your course…and you may have even invested in a marketing course or two to learn.

But actually DOING it means facing your fears of being seen and JUDGED on the daily, plus it just takes so much TIME that after a week or two of hitting it hard you feel like you have to hide under a rock for a while.

Listen, it’s NOT that you need more time in your schedule to “perfect” your marketing. Perfectionism is TOXIC for your sales.

What you REALLY need a strategic AND nervous system-based SYSTEM to market and sell your courses with EASE…so you can stop pulling your hair out agonizing over your marketing presence and build a profitable business that you LOVE


And that's EXACTLY what we'll teach you to do in...

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The Embodied Launch Blueprint

A Comprehensive, Polyvagal-Informed System to Marketing + Selling Your Courses for Maximum Profitability and Time Freedom

>>We Start on April 9th, 2024 <<

Before I joined the program, I felt burned out and restless.


I had a full in-person schedule and happy clients, but no way to grow my business without working more hours (which I did NOT want to do).


I was giving away lots of content and information online for free, and I wanted to learn how to monetize it so that I could achieve time and location freedom!


I knew that in order to run a successful online Pilates business I’d need to learn new skills that  I couldn’t teach myself, just like when I went through Pilates teacher training, so I invested in support.


I don’t know if I’d have had the guts to build the program I did without Anne and Chantill’s support.


I launched my course right on schedule, during the program container, and got my first deposit the same month that I finished the program.


With that course and educational offers I created later using the framework I learned, I’ve made over six figures.


I now feel relaxed, trusting, and confident in my business and the work I do in the world."

Brittany, Program Graduate

"I have wanted freedom of location, more time to spend with my kids all while having the ability to feel financially stable. 

I can now see the path that is bringing me closer to my dream without having to sacrifice my beliefs."

Anne Marie, Program Graduate

There's Proof in Numbers

  • Online courses created 

  • Growth-minded educators, coaches, and entrepreneurs enrolled

  • Live online, hours of coaching delivered (add another 10,000+ hours of pre-recorded curriculum!)

  • Revenue generated with Embodied Course Creation curriculum strategies

Here's how we'll help you get these kinds of results...

The Embodied Launch System

By the end of this course, you will have the business structures in place to have deposits in the bank to SELL OUT a lucrative course or coaching container that sets your business up for LONG-TERM profitability - without working more hours or constantly hustling for new clients.
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The 3 Pillars of The Embodied Launch System

1. Meaning + Money

Know exactly what to charge for your educational offer for your specific market.  We’ll thread the needle for profitability, and a sell-out course. We’ll lean on profitable strategies that work for you and your clients.

2. Building and Embodied Business

How to build a suite of offers that supports consistent cash flow by developing long-term relationships with your clients and integrating these offers into your current business ecosystem. 

3. Marketing + Sales

Selling and marketing transformative education is different. Learn how to market and sell those offers WITHOUT feeling sleazy or desperate.

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Here's what you'll get inside the Embodied Launch Blueprint container:

  •  Access to The Embodied Launch Blueprint Curriculum

7 modules made up of actionable video trainings and specific, targeted assignments designed to keep you moving towards receiving deposits for your course.

  • Weekly Live Group Calls

So you can anchor yourself into a community that gives you a sense of connection and belonging...because you don't have to do it alone!  Calls are scheduled well in advance (and recorded) to optimize your planning.

  • The Embodied Launch Dashboard

​Our FAVORITE organizational tool to keep track of your marketing plan, optimized to help you repurpose content and support communication within your team so you can work SMARTER not HARDER.

  • Ongoing Private and Personalized Launch Review

You’ll get ongoing review, feedback, and supportive questions from BOTH of your mentors as you continue to iterate on your marketing + launch content.

  • Access to a private FB group just for Course Profitability Blueprint Members

To connect with your cohort AND your mentors, celebrate your wins, share resources, and ask questions.

  • A proven, step-by-step launch plan

Including 15+ content templates for email and social media, that you can use over and over to as you re-launch your program OR launch brand new offers.


We Welcome You!

  • This is an equal opportunity course that offers a supportive and inclusive place to learn. 

  • Everyone, no matter their age, gender, or nationality, can be successful in this program. 

Your Investment

To secure your spot in The Embodied Launch Blueprint, all you need to put down is a $497 deposit.

After your deposit it's just 3 easy payments of $599 for the WHOLE program.

Or pay in full for $1997!

This is an investment you can make back VERY quickly when you apply the marketing and launch strategies you'll learn within The Embodied Launch Blueprint...and as you carry them with you into future launches, there's no reason you can't 10x or even 100x your investment.

In fact, our goal for you is that you get deposits on your program BEFORE YOU FINISH The Embodied Launch Blueprint.

That's why many of our clients make their investments back before they even finish the course.

We start on April 9th...

...and the first step is to hop on a complimentary Clarity Call with us to discover whether The Embodied Launch Blueprint is right for you.


So get on our calendars right now!!!

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 12.26.25 PM.png

"I wanted to expand my offerings & make a greater impact on my current students as well as to attract new students.

I also wanted to learn, grow, and broaden my perspective, and to be in community with colleagues and mentors.

I launched my program, Reclaim your BODY, Reclaim your LIFE and received my first deposits during the Embodied Course Creation Program.

Since then I have made about $20K off that course, and increased my regular monthly revenue AND take-home pay.

We (my biz and I) feel refreshed,  stronger, and expanded. I now feel more like a business owner than a solopreneur. My business has been growing, and I’ve been valuing myself and what I have to offer more - stepping into myself as a confident movement educator rather than “just” a Pilates teacher."

Kelly, Program Graduate


If you’re still reading, consider this your sign: it’s time to book a complimentary Clarity Call.


We’ll help you clarify your most pressing desires as the designer of your business and your life, and what aligned actions you’ll need to take to get them.


If we agree that The Course Profitability Blueprint will help you take steps towards your vision, we may invite you to join us this fall.


We are 100% committed to ONLY working with folks we KNOW we can help - so if we don’t think it’s the right fit right now, we’ll be happy to refer you to a colleague or to one of our other offers.

"Thanks so much, you two. Our call on Friday was far more eye-opening and goal-shaking than I anticipated.


“I really appreciate your time, and your willingness to think deeply with me and say the things that need to be said, even when I am hesitant about those things!"


-David Lobenstine, Licensed Massage Therapist and Continuing Education Course Creator

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