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The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance Transform the Cage You're in

Transform the Cage You're in!

As my life became more full of multiple businesses, collaborations, marriage and children the concept of work-life balance became more potent.

My old strategies for solving work-life balance looked like this: 

In the beginning, I was curious about following the advice of women before me who claimed that stronger boundaries, clearer policies, and a brick wall of demarcation between my work and home life was the way to preserve and optimize each distinct part of my life. 

I even remember attending a fully packed auditorium at the Harvard Business School with women clamoring to learn about this topic.  

The reality is, as an entrepreneur my brain does not shut off just because I closed the computer down.  And the needs and reality of my family don’t stop just because my laptop is open.  

The truth is… the bifurcation of the  1 or 0 way of separating your work and personal life isn’t reality. 

And for most women or entrepreneurs with caretaking responsibilities, it never has been.  

Because children still get sick, parents age, and you continue to desire to support dear friends amid your work. 

The NEW way is to know that … 


The cage you’re in is the false separation of your work and your life, which leads to sticky transitions that stop you from flowing from one identity and one task to the next. 

The ability for frictionless transitions between work and life, time management, and creativity comes from inside of YOU. 

So, whatever strategy you apply to create the boundaries you use for your work-life balance, the resiliency, and ease of transition between them come from your nervous system. 

Science tells us that task switching slows us down. It takes us about 10 minutes to meaningfully re-engage with a task.  

But what if the entire task was your life and so there was no task switching?

And what if you leaned into the 10-minute task-switching rule and stopped arguing with the biological reality?  

Imagine if you intentionally relish the 10 minutes of transition time instead of fighting it. 

When you perceive your life with a zoomed-out perspective that includes YOUR HOME LIFE and YOUR WORK LIFE, and that the transition between them can be moments you savor instead of something to push through, is when you begin to master nervous system regulation as an entrepreneur.  

The truth is, most entrepreneurs need to lean into transition time so that each distinct moment of work and life can be met with their full presence rather than their harried stressed-out selves.

The ability to be fully present with all our brilliance and attention in moments of care and nurturing, and in moments of problem-solving and profit generating, is the new work-life balance.  And you CAN HAVE both.

However, the story most of us have been told is that you must create some friction-filled boundary between your work and your life. 

If you’d like to have richer experiences in life and work it comes from a regulated nervous system that spreads outward from you like ripples on the water.

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