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Your Business Has Its Own Nervous System Map

Learn one of our FAVORITE tools we’ve developed to help our clients get perspective on how their business is serving them (and how it could serve them better): The Embodied Business Nervous System Map.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to adapt the personal Autonomic Nervous System Map (from Polyvagal Theory) to your business, so you can...

  • Create SPACE between yourself and your business, and offer invaluable perspective to guide smart decision-making

  • Practice self-compassion, and hold space for your own coping mechanisms, resistance, procrastination, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt

  • Develop action steps that YOU WILL ACTUALLY DO to make serious moves (because you’ll learn to ALLY with your own coping mechanisms and resistance instead of making them a problem)

Curious about Catalyze: The 2-Week Private Mentorship? Book a complimentary Clarity Call to learn more!

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